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Church Cookbooks

When I was little, (and admittedly still ) I would search through each and every one of my mother's cookbooks hunting for something new to make for my friends and family. I would read through cookbooks like they were chapter books, discovering new methods and flavor combinations to try for dinner or dessert. I remember specifically looking through cookbooks put together from local churches and near by towns, reading each and every word learning old family recipes from friends and neighbors. 

A friend recently said that if we don't help preserve every bit of what we loved about our childhood and our home towns, who will? If we don't preserve the good, there will be nothing left but the ugly parts of our beloved towns. It's our job to carry on the legacy and traditions of our great grandparents, grandparents, and parents. I hope this project helps us do just that, bringing families back around the table and feel the love that is in the recipes our families once made. 

How To Enter

Begin by searching through your traditional family recipes that your willing to share with your neighbors. Was there a special dish your grandparent was known for? 

Submissions are preferred hand-written, in either you or your relatives handwriting. 

Tell us the story. Please share the significance of the recipe, regardless of how big or small. 

 There is no limit to the amount of entries made. The cookbook will go into print within the next few months. Stay tuned! 


To enter, please fill out the form below. Questions?
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